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Trans Atlantic Blues (2020) / 3:00 / live poetry reading

Mayhem (they/them) is a self-taught poet, starting from a young age. They were featured in publications such as Khejalat: a digital zine featuring queer and trans Iranian writers, as well as The OutCrowd: Syracuse University’s only LGBTQIAP+ on-campus publication. Currently, they are the Content Editor for Tableau Media: a new digital publication startup centering the voices of people of color. Through writing works that reflect their most raw and intimate life experiences, Mayhem uses poetry as a means of healing and connection to a deeper spiritual consciousness. Mayhem strives to show through their work how each person has a story that can help someone else, and that it is through our vulnerabilities where we can all find our power to make the world a better place.

Trans Atlantic Blues was written during the heightened tensions of US-Iran relations at the beginning of 2020. “This was a moment of mourning and trauma for me, as the fate of my everything was left hanging in the balance. I had no words for what I was feeling, and that’s when I turn to poetry - to translate my feelings to myself, and then hopefully, the world. After weeping for several hours, I literally peeled myself off the floor, sat up in my chair, and wrote this poem.”