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poetic imprints (excerpts from “more of a feeling than a dance series”) (2020) / 20:50 / video

jas lin (they/them) is a performance artist and movement facilitator born, raised, and currently based on Tongva Land (also known as Los Angeles). Beginning their dance education at the age of two with ballet, lin was quickly introduced into the complexities of inhabiting a racialized and gendered body while practicing the performing arts; of being both the creator and communicator of signifiers while having significations structurally and historically projected onto oneself. As such, their practice has become a life-long process of un-learning and, in turn, un-teaching oppressive, Othering, and superficial ways of moving, being, sensing, and knowing. every work is a ceremony, a spell, a staged exorcism for purging choreographies of the learned body and shutting down internal and external surveillance cameras that suggest there is a Proper way to move through the world. lin’s choreographies, films, workshops, and photos have been shared and featured at distinguished cultural institutions and spaces around the world, including the British Museum, REDCAT Theater, IA&A at Hillyer, Floating Projects Hong Kong, Carnation Contemporary, Kassel Dokfest, MoCA Shanghai, and MADATAC.


more of a feeling than a dance is an ongoing [documenting / archiving / marking] of the [body / self / becoming] in relation to the Flesh of [space / time / memory / tonality] (both intimate and exterior). these ephemeral frames of land/sound/body-scape exist in the continual Present, giving a Future to the Past–– each playback a localization of a memory, a memory of a memory, a performance of a memory, a memory of a dream, a fiction of a reality on a plane of abstracted time. a way for future selves to Grieve, to recall Home in temporary spaces, to mark the corners of my World, to embody the Poetics of Space. all performance is grieving ritual, what José Esteban Muñoz calls a perpetual vanishing point.