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Mortuarium loop (2020) / 5:25 / 16mm silent film, puncture, burial

Ellery Bryan (they/them/theirs) is a co-curator of APPARITIONS. They are a nonbinary visual artist working primarily with ritual and temporality. Their artwork manifests in tactile objects, written and verbal text, film and video. They live on unceded Piscataway land and currently attend Syracuse University’s Art Video graduate program. They hold a dual-BFA in ceramics and fiber from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Their work has been shown in The Necessity of Tomorrow(s) at the Baltimore Museum of Art, La Frontera at the Museum of Modern Art and Design in New York, and they were recently an artist in residence at James Madison University. They contributed two pieces to this exhibition: short film Mortuarium loop (2020) and live audio-mediation performance Call/Chorus (2020). 

Mortuarium loop (2020) is a digitized 16mm silent film hand-collaged and spliced with dirt, hole punches, and scratched images. It reflects on tangible settings as sites of transcendence, where death enters the body, where the body was and is no longer, where absence occurs, where imagery of ephemerality and heaven overlaps with material decay and the observance of grieving rituals. It transmutes lived spaces into frames for loss and eternity. It occurs through a hand-attended process of removal.

Call/Chorus (2020) is an expansion on a series of aural performances first begun at a live event titled ‘i lay down by the river’ at the Floristree in Baltimore, Maryland in the fall of 2019. The artist merges their background in orchestral violin and their practice of mediumship to compose sonic environments. They interact with the sensory reflex formed by years of violin-playing, expanding upon environmental and instrumental tones with a looping device and a theremin, co-performing with memory and the ethereal. In prior live performances, they have installed audio-visual interactive environments where ritual objects are wired to contact microphones through collective altars, instruments and mixers, allowing for the audience to compose their own invisible language for accessing the ephemeral alongside the artist in real time. Ellery engages with these works as aural landscapes as well as communal methods of mediating with the unseen.

ig: @magic.h0ur