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APPARITIONS is an aching archive in the form of an online exhibition.


This exhibition was manifested out of exhaustion and out of love. Drawing from our individual and shared experiences, we have felt continually invalidated in the cis-normative compulsorily-hetero white supremacist academic complex of objective hegemony. We find that institutions of research uphold the quantification and categorization of transcendent realities and embodied knowledges. The reductionist thinking of “study” devalues sensory, bodily, emotional, queer, marginalized, multiplicitous and experiential methods.

We need to summon and release, give our bodies respite, and remain open to the unknown. The intangible is an inhabitable continuum that guides us in envisioning our futures. This is a space for expanding and preserving sensual residues. We rewire togetherness; we are reaching through.

Informed by a diasporic framework and Jacques Derrida’s concept of hauntology, APPARITIONS emphasizes the sensory; disconnection from body, land, heritage, ancestors, and history; and repressed history and memory.

with love,

co-curators Zelikha Shoja and Ellery Bryan


“This is an aching archive—the one that contains all of our growing grief, all of our dispossessed longing for the bodies that were once among us and have gone over to the side that we will go to too. When I told you that I will probably haunt you, you made it about you, but it is about me. The opposite of dispossession is not possession. It is not accumulation. It is unforgetting. It is mattering.

...haunting is a materializing. Haunting is a mattering...”

- Angie Morrill, Eve Tuck, and the Super Futures Haunt Qollective “Before Disposession, or Surviving It...”


This exhibition was made possible with the love and support of our friends and communities in Central New York and Baltimore. Syracuse University’s VPA Graduate Student Memorial Grant contributed funds to support this exhibition.